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Portable kit 5 gas analyzers with printer SNAP-ON


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The Snap-on Portable Gas Analyzer Kit of 5 with Printer is a set of diagnostic tools designed for measuring and analyzing vehicle exhaust gases. The kit includes five gas analyzers that measure the amount of carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (HC), oxides of nitrogen (NOx), oxygen (O2), and carbon dioxide (CO2) in exhaust gases.

Each analyzer has an LCD screen to display measurement results in real-time and a set of buttons to navigate through the menu and select options. The kit also includes a built-in printer that allows measurement results to be printed on-site.


• For use in gasoline, LPG, and CNG vehicles, making it ideal for: emissions pre-compliance testing, vehicle service, and diagnostic work

• Measures CO, CO2, O2, HC, NOx, and AFR/Lambda exhaust emissions

• New six-line illuminated display allows user to view all exhaust emission readings simultaneously • Provides instant assessment of vehicle engine exhaust and catalytic converter

• Ideal for Pre-OBD vehicles as well as hot rods, muscle cars, collector cars, and race cars to measure and set the perfect air/fuel ratio

• Links to ZEUS™+, ZEUS™, VERUS®, VERUS® PRO, and VERUS® Edge; combines gas analysis with other vehicle data for effective “real-time” diagnosis

• Gas Analyzer views gas analysis data at the same time as other data, including component tests, oscilloscope readings, digital graphing, scanner results, view, graph, save, and retrieve data

• Monitors and reduces vehicle emissions, protects the environment, and improves drivability and fuel efficiency.

• Unit is highly sensitive and removes only 1/14 the exhaust volume of competitive analyzers, eliminating water ingression issues, plus pumps last longer

• Ability to print results using the infrared printer

• Add the optional HHGA-8 motorcycle probe to test bikes

• Crystal Lake Northern Repair handles service for annual calibration and O2 sensor replacement, meeting required industry standard

• A practical hard-shell carrying case protects the instrument

• Technical Support: 888-633-6852 (6 am to 12 pm CST)

• Hard plastic carrying case included

• The printer is included


Carbon Monoxide 0–5 % (Accuracy ±10 %) Res 0,01 %
Headphone dimensions 7,9 x 1,8 x 3,5″ (200 x 45 x 90 mm)
Lamda/AFR (Air-Fuel ratio) 0,6–1,4 / 8,82:1–20,58:1 (Fuel)
Replacement probe spike HHGA-14
Preprogrammed fuels Gasoline/LPG/CNG
AC adapter, input 100–240~ /50–60 Hz/300 Ma
EN 61000-6-3 Compliant
Display 6-line backlit LCD display with screen protection
Replacement probe HHGA-9
Bluetooth Yes – Class 1
Auto re-zero Yes (every 30 minutes)
Country of origin GBR
CE approved Yes
Oxygen 0–21 % (Accuracy ±5 %) Res 0,02 %
CO corrected 0–5% Calculated
Sensor replacement Service center only: Crystal Lake
Electrochemical sensors Measure O2 and NO
AC adapter, output 9 V CC/1 A
EN 61000-6-1 Compliant
Printing Function IR emmiter to HHGA-PRINTER (Optional on HHGA5C)
Battery life 120 minutes (standby) from full charge
12 V car charger Included
Hydrocarbons 0–2,000 PPM (accuracy ±10%) Res 1 PPM
Nitrogen oxide 0–1,500 PPM (accuracy±10%) Res 1 PPM
handset weight, lb (kg) 2.2 (1)
Service and Calibration As needed – annually recommended
Replacement filters HHGA-11
Internal memory Yes: Stores up to 100 test (manual o automatic)
Infrared automatic Measure CO, CO2 and HC
Carbon dioxide 0–15 % (Accuracy ±10 %) Res 0,1 %