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Car diagnostic scanner

Zenith z5's FEATURES

Pre & Post Diagnostic Report

Data Log & Feedback System

Fast & Responsive Graphing Mode

J2534 Pass-thru

Powerful and Compact Scan Tool

Introducing the new automotive diagnostic scan tool from EZDS, which combines their extensive diagnostic software with the world’s best industrial tablet to create a powerful and reliable automotive diagnostic scanner. The Z5 will instill confidence in your diagnostics.

Works on 12V & 24V Commercial Vehicles

Zenith Z5 hardware accepts power & signals of  a 24V system, and supports Bi-directional communications with commercial  trucks and buses.

Zenith Z5's Special Functions

The Zenith Z5 boasts several special functions, including a Topological Map that displays the communication lines within the vehicle, reviews the modules detected in the process, an Actuator Tester that activates and tests the vehicle’s electronic systems directly from the scanner, Identification and Clearing of Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs), and PIN code reading. Using the last 6 digits of the VIN, the Zenith Z5 enables you to retrieve the vehicle’s PIN code.

Standard Kit