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12V/24V DC Adjustable Digital Power Supply for EV and Fuel Vehicles LAUNCH SMARTSAFE iSmartEV DP750




In addition to operating directly on the main unit, iSmartEV DP750 can also be used with other detection devices (such as iSmartEV P01) to operate via Bluetooth wireless connection.

Applicable to new energy and fuel vehicles, used for off-line driving and test maintenance of high-voltage electrical appliances
Air-conditioning compressor
Power steering machine
DC-DC module
Electronic fan
Multiple control modes
Support device local operation
Also supports Bluetooth remote control
Compatible with P01 and P03
High and low voltage dual-mode output, high voltage self-test
Distinguish and isolate the high-voltage module and low-voltage module in hardware design, which can be managed, maintained, and monitored separately
During power output, each protects without being affected by the other


  • Applicable To Electric Vehicles & Fuel Vehicles
    iSmartEV DP750 is applicable to the maintenance scenarios of electric vehicles, fuel vehicles and can be used for offline driving and maintenance testing of high-voltage electrical appliances, such as air conditioning compressors, power steering machines, DC-DC modules, electronic fans, etc.
  • High & Low Voltage Dual Module
    High-voltage modules and low-voltage modules are independent of each other and can be managed, maintained, and monitored independently. They can be protected from each other when the power output is made.
  • High Voltage Self-Inspection Protection
    iSmartEV DP750 has an independent protection mechanism in the input circuit, high voltage output circuit, and low voltage output circuit. It can detect under voltage, over-voltage, over-current, short circuit, and other faults and make corresponding protection measures.
  • Bluetooth Wireless Connection
    iSmartEV DP750 supports iSmartEV P01 to view high and low-pressure operations remotely, set high and low-pressure parameters, and turn on/off high and low-pressure output functions.


Power input AC100-240V@16A High voltage(voltage) 250~750V
Maximum power 3200W Max High voltage(current) 0-5A
Communication BT(BLE4.2) Low voltage(voltage) 12/24V
Display mode LED digital tube Low voltage(current) 1A
Low voltage output 12/24V Protection Short-circuit, Current-limiting, Overvoltage, Undervoltage, Over temp
High voltage output 250~750V Working temperature -10~65℃
Front panel(high voltage) Voltage SWK, Current SWK, Switch button Size 315mm×192mm×186mm
Front panel(low voltage) 12V SWK, 24V SWK, Switch button Weight 4.85kg